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To get directions, enter your PinID at the destinations Push Pin(Hover Text)
and click the "Get directions" button under the service tab

Register Here :

  i.e. Write your name/nick or the name of the flying field.

 i.e. Write what your flying

 i.e. Please select the right pushpin type (Pilot/Field/Shop)

 i.e. Other people can contact you via the mail form

 i.e. You can use the password to edit your registration
To placed your push pin at a desired location, zoom all the way in to the target location on the map and press (Register pushpin)

Load Registration Here :

i.e. Use your PinId and Password to edit your pushpin location and information.
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About This Site

This site is to help you find your way in the RC community. You can search RC Pilot, Flying Fields, and Hobby Shops for free. If you would like to add yourself, your local or favorite flying field, club or RC shop, you will have to register. Registration is free. We encourage the free registration to provide support to this site. Thanks for your support.

Navigating The Map

You can find your way around the map in many ways. To go to an specific location you can enter the "city, state, country" and click on the "search map" button located on the upper right corner of this page. You can also click on the map and hold down the right button on your mouse while dragging to your desired location. The map contains features to zoom in and out. You can also zoom in by pressing +/- on your keyboard or using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Getting Directions

You can also get directions. If you have already registered, you can enter your push pin id on the desired registered destination on the map and press the "Get directions" button. Directions will open up in a new window. Please check your pop up blocker if the window doesn't appear.

Instructions to Register

If you would like to register on the map. You can see an instruction video here

It might be a good idea to include your email during registration to allow other users to contact you. When users contact you, they don't see your email address. This is one of the precations we have taken to prevent spam.

Registration's Advanced Features

To add a picture on the map, you will need to write simple HTML code in the "Description" field.

To add a small picture on your description field you can write the following code: <img src="" /> please remember that the picture has to be located on a server.

You can add a link with this code: <a href=""></a>

Then your description can look like this :

Editing and Deleting

Your description has this certain PinID and it is used for editing or deleting your registration. See instructionvideo here : edit registration, or here deleting registration

For additional information please look here.